We help companies reach a high level of performance.

The dedicated team of consultants assist the management in shaping and executing effective business processes that help increase performance across the organization.

We have the ability and the expertise to get through the entire chain of value creation, from purchasing and logistics to production, distribution, marketing and sales. Our team work with your team to identify weak spots and vulnerabilities and sort solutions for optimizations.

Ensight has one of the most experienced teams in business process redesign – in Romania. We have completed dozens of projects of audit and process optimizations for clients in various industries and for grounds such as cost cuts, productivity, process quality, service optimizations and client satisfaction.


  • The management of business process:
    • Business Process Management (process architecture, structuring and improving of processes)
    • process redesign for cost cuts, increased productivity, quality boost (using Lean Six Sigma and the BPM standard)
    • Process charting for upcoming execution of IT process systems or working procedures (in line with BPMN 2.0 standards)[1], EPC[2])
    • Process performance management (including defining the performance KPIs)
    • Design of procedures and work instructions
    • Process audit for subsequent functional requirements in IT systems selection
    • Training in business process remodeling
    • Operational excellence
  • Sales optimizations through:
    • Design of sales strategy
    • Client segmentation
    • Product and client portfolio optimizations
    • Sales force effectiveness
    • KPI set-up and dashboard
    • Prepareness for new IT systems (ex. CRM)
    • Transition management to new IT systems, including change management
  • Clients Relations Management
  • Marketing performance management
  • Remodeling and new high performing purchase and logistics chains
  • Financial cycle remodeling:
    • Effective supply management
    • Review of market credit policies
    • Better supply relations
  • Fleet management


  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Supply chain
  • Cost optimizations

[1] BPMN – Business Process Model and Notation – standardized graphic representation for business processes

[2] EPC – Event-driven Process Chain – type of diagram used in business process remodeling