Having an optimal infrastructure, a suitable application portfolio, a sourcing / IT service delivery strategy, the necessary information anywhere, anytime, are a key success factor in accelerating the implementation of business processes. The availability of information for C level that can be accessed in real-time for all applications, will be a major advantage of the future applications architecture.

In the future, IT will not only provide the platform needed to drive business plans to a different economic environment, but will advise the company on the optimal opportunities to benefit from these new technologies.

Ensight Management Consulting and our offer of Technology services support IT departments during this transformation and addresses in a comprehensive and detailed manner all areas of IT competence at strategic, tactical and operational level.

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Architecture
  • Sourcing
  • IT governance and risk management
  • IT Audit [compliance or on request ], selection of systems
  • Systems integration
  • Security systems audit
  • Revision of infrastructure / applications portfolio
  • Assesments
  • Revision of the project portfolio
  • IT project management
  • IT processes improvement
  • IT processes optimization