What are the most frequent errors in digital transformation?

The article is written by Mirela Popescu, Manager Ensight Management Consulting

Digital transformation is challenging for all companies, regardless of size. Throughout the process, organizations sometimes lose sight of the initial goal and  this leads to failures.  Here are some frequently met errors.

Myth 1: All processes should undergo digital transformation. Not all process or business model require digital transformation; focus on those which impact customer experiences, new sales channels or sales growth or contribute to a significant cost reduction.

Myth 2: Exploitation of emerging technologies is the key. Most leverage comes from mainstream technologies. Positively, adoption of disruptive technologies helps, however build your transformation by using the mix of conventional & emerging tools.

Myth 3: Digital transformation is an IT function. Transformation is just as much about leadership, culture and people as the technology. IT can be a powerful enabler but without culture to support change and collaboration, right team to lead, results are difficult to achieve.

Myth 4: The digital journey ends after implementation. Transformation is an ongoing process that requires regular reconsideration, and this is due to market conditions and customer needs and wants constant evolution.