Robert Maxim: Romania’s diversity is not fully acknowledged and valued

As Romania celebrates 100 years since its unification this year, aims to put the spotlight on the positive things that make the country a great place to live and work in, and visit. We have asked business leaders to share their thoughts on Romania and we started with the members of the jury of the Romania Insider Awards.

Robert Maxim, Founding Partner of Ensight Management Consulting, offers a consultant’s view on Romania’s strengths and weaknesses.

Q: Romania celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year, an important moment in the country’s existence. Please mention and detail three positive things that you think define Romania today.

A tough question, given the noise from the political scene these days. I would, however, mention:

  1. the natural resources that can provide a degree of energy independence
  2. the stability of the banking system, which is important in a transition economy
  3. and the diaspora, which supports Romania’s modernization process.

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